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The design and construction process moves progressively from general to specific. Information continues to compile on previous decisions until all outstanding choices are finalized. This allows the budget to redefine itself as the project information develops.

Marketing (No Charge)

Selecting an architect

  • Identify client needs
  • Interview architects
  • Review philosophy, portfolio, and  references
  • Discuss values, relationships, and enthusiasm
  • Visit past jobs, talk to clients
  • Determine target scope and budget
  • Discuss fee and schedule
  • Review and sign architectural (and engineering) proposal agreement
Fee for Basic Services

Pre-Design Phase

  • Programming interview
  • Review owner provided existing conditions
  • Photographic documentation of existing conditions
  • Analyze site restrictions, zoning codes, existing conditions, and program budgets

Schematic Design Phase

  • Prepare design options (plan)
  • Meet with client to review, analyze, approve, or combine options
  • Refine plan per meeting comments
  • Prepare elevations and massing studies (axonometric or study model)
  • Meet with client review, analyze and approve
  • Refine elevations and massing models per meeting comments
  • Prepare additional details, list of materials, finishes and outline specifications
  • Obtain client approval
  • Prepare request for pricing- submit to contractor/estimator
  • Obtain “Conceptual pricing” estimate from contractor
  • Review with owner(s)

Design Development Phase

  • Calculate, select, determine, refine, quantify, and identify
  • Contractor pricing
  • Owner sign-off and approvals
    • Deliverables:
      • Packages of cut sheets
      • Details and sketches
      • Finish schedule and allowances
      • Homework package

Construction Document Phase

  • Prepare complete construction documents
  • Meet with owner to review progress
  • Review owner-provided equipment package
  • Develop specifications and project manual
  • Obtain client sign-off and approvals